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Hanging Wedding Dress


On your wedding day, you’ll walk down the aisle looking absolutely radiant. You invested so much of your heart, time and money in your wedding dress and you want it to be perfect and last forever. Here is a complete guide to caring for your wedding gown:


  • TRANSPORT your gown laying down in your back seat
  • HANG your gown as high as possible when you get home. Open the bottom of the bag to spread out the train to prevent wrinkles. Spread a clean sheet on the floor for the train to lay on
  • STEAM your gown if it needs it. Stephen Cleaners can professionally steam your dress before the wedding. Please make arrangements 2 weeks before your wedding day


  • APPLY perfume and hair spray BEFORE putting on your wedding gown as the mist from these products may cause stains
  • STEP into your gown without your shoes on and have your bridesmaids put your shoes on afterwards
  • COVER your gown with a towel before applying any touch-up products such as hairspray or lipstick
  • HANG your dress to dry completely if it gets wet. Mold can grow very quickly on a wet dress sealed up in a bag.

What if you get a stain on your dress?

We generally advise clients not to apply any remedies to stains because so many things can affect the outcome. Applying the wrong remedy could remove color or even set in the stain. HOWEVER, if you have an emergency on the day of your wedding, please consider the following: 

  • MAKEUP &LIPSTICK: Can be lightly coated with BABY POWDER to absorb the oil. Do not rub the area! Wait 15 minutes and gently remove the excess powder from fabric
  • WINE & BEVERAGE STAINS: Do not apply water or other liquid like soda as this will disperse the stain. Blot area dry with a clean towel and apply powder for oily stains
  • BLOOD: For minor blood stains, apply your own clean saliva with a dampened Q-tip. The enzymes will safely break down the stain. Blot to dry.
  • ASPHALT: Tar is very difficult to remove from your dress so have your bridesmaids hold up your skirt & train when walking on a driveway or street


  • HANG your wedding gown by the loops inside the gown that are connected to the sturdy side seams.
  • AVOID storing your wedding gown in a plastic bag because moisture can be trapped which mildews your gown and plastic can emit fumes that will yellow your gown.
  • BRING your gown for cleaning & preservation ASAP after your wedding day. The sooner you bring your gown in to be cleaned and preserved, the more likely that the stains will come out.
  • SCHEDULE an appointment at Stephen Cleaners for your personal cleaning consultation on our website or by calling 403.547.2424 ext #3

Stephen Cleaners is an eco friendly, family owned and operated Calgary business. We are celebrating our 60th year of taking care of Calgary brides and winning Avenue Calgary’s Best Wedding Dry Cleaner for the second year in a row!