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UGG Cleaning

We get the “Ughh" out of your UGGs

Salt and water stains on your UGGs? Bring them into Stephen Cleaners and we’ll make them look new again

With constant wear, especially during winter, it’s inevitable your UGGs will accumulate grim and odors, leaving them looking tired and dirty. Such an investment should be cared for professionals to help extend wearable life.

Stephen Cleaners’ process for cleaning UGGs involves thorough detailing inside and out, followed by stain removal techniques to remove signs of wear. Our UGGs specialist can also restore color and moisture back into your footwear. Once cleaned and conditioned, your UGGs are stuffed to retain their shape. Professional dry cleaning may leave your UGGs feeling snug. But not to worry, they will stretch out and re-mold to your foot in a wear or two.

We are proud to be certified as an Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaner.