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Every Day Dry Cleaning

We have a saying at Stephen Cleaners “Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good”.

Life is important and your clothing are part of your personal brand. If you feel good and are confident about yourself, you can do great things.

Our every day dry cleaning service includes expert cleaning, spot removal and pressing for your every day items. All items are carefully inspected and cleaned by our experienced dry cleaners that have over 30 years experience.

Dry cleaning eliminates shrinkage in wools, silks, rayon and other fine fibres and is also a very good stain remover.

The dry cleaning process involves less than 1% water which makes it perfect for fibres such as wool and linen that are susceptible to shrinkage. We use state of the art equipment and eco friendly products that are 100% safe for you and your family.

We are proud to be certified as an Environmentally Friendly Cleaner.

every day dry cleaning lady in coat